Japanese Soul
Feeling soul of the Japanese.

Shrine Wedding
Wedding performed in the traditional shrine.



Beautiful Japanese Shrine

Ceremony at the beautiful Japanese shrine will bring you to the valuable experience. Whether your roots are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or non-denominational TJW welcomes you.

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All in one package

Ceremony fee, Costume, Hair and makeup, Photography, Transportation, etc. We offers a service package necessary for you. You have nothing to worry about. You are just a trip to Japan.

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Wedding Location


We can even help you find your dream location and assist you with the permit process if required. We do not refuse a new negotiation for you. You may choose any location of your choice.


We are a wedding company of Japan who walking this industry for 10 years. We would like to take advantage of this experience to the world of people, not only for the Japanese. Because Japan is also a part of the world, and the world is a friends.

Japan is very beautiful country. Scenery, heart also. And it has an exotic culture. Wedding in Japan will be a beautiful experience of life for you.